Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long is the training?

The training will take occur over 4 months, and consists of 400 hours combined classroom/hands-on training with an additional 200 hours of hands-on troubleshooting and repair training.

What will it cost me?

It won’t cost you a thing. La Mesa RV will pay you an hourly wage while you train.

If I come from out of state, where will I stay?

La Mesa RV will be paying you a monthly allowance for your housing. You will be required to arrange for your own housing.

Will transportation be provided?

La Mesa RV will provide you an airline ticket to Sanford, FL for out of area trainees. However you will be required to provide your own reliable transportation to and from your choice of housing to the Technical Training Institute.

Will I need tools?

No, La Mesa RV Technical Training Institute has all the tools required for the training.

What happens if I get sick or have an emergency not allowing me to come to class?

You will be allowed two (2) missed days of training either consecutive or non-consecutive within the 600 hours of training. Make up of missed training will be required by you. Material will not be re-covered once it is presented other than end of chapter review. If illness or a family emergency causes you to miss more than two (2) days of training, you will be sent back to your home store to await the start of the next training class. You will then be afforded the opportunity to re-commence training but at your own expense.

What happens if I fail a test?

You will be required to pass all exams with a score of 80% or greater. Failure of any exam is grounds for immediate termination of your training and you will be sent back to your home store.

Why Work at La Mesa RV?

La Mesa RV has a long history of taking care of customers and employees like they are family.  La Mesa RV started out as a single dealership in La Mesa, CA in 1972 and has since then expanded to become one of the largest RV dealerships in the world. We offer great wages, benefits, fun work place events, a great friendly staff, and much, much more. La Mesa RV also runs the Technical Training Institute, where we actually pay you to train!

Am I Qualified For The Technical Training Academy?

Are you looking for a well established, fun and reliable career that you can be proud of? Are you looking for a warm, friendly work environment? Are you mechanically inclined, or just love to fix things? Then you are qualified! Contact us today, we are excited to meet you!