Industry Standards

The Age of the RV

Did you know that there is a shortage of RV technicians in America?

With over 10 Million housholds now owning a motorhome or trailer, and well on track to ship over 540,000 more units in 2018 alone, its an understatement to say that the RV industry is booming.

According to a 2015 economic impact analysis, the RV industry has an economic impact of $50 billion, and it will only be getting stronger from here.

Progressive marketing, stackable advances in technology and state of the art manufacturing are making RV ownership more attainable than ever, and the numbers can prove it. America is experiencing an RV boom that is not expected to decline any time soon, as more people from all walks of life take to the road and head out on their next adventure.

This new surge of ownership has summoned a rapidly growing need for RV service, and there simply aren't enough certified RV technicians to keep up with the demand. This is your chance to become a part of a long established industry, and financially stable company. Here here is the kicker... You don't pay to train, in fact, we pay you.  Contact us today to secure your future!